About Us



GISTEC Consulting Ltd. provides services in the field of traffic engineering and design, application of geographic information systems (GIS), transportation planning, construction and services related to environmental protection, and education and consulting. 

The company was founded in 2005 as a private enterprise specialized in project development and studies for public and private sector. During the entire decade of development our employees have gained extensive experience in the transportation sector, geographic information systems, and environmental protection. Since its establishment to the present day, GISTEC Consulting Ltd. has implemented dozens of successful projects in the country and abroad.

The main business activities of GISTEC Consulting are: 


  • Planning of traffic and traffic infrastructure 
  • Traffic modeling on a macroscopic level with the PTV Vision - VISUM  software
  • Traffic modeling on a microscopic level with the PTV Vision - VISSIM  software
  • Transportation infrastructure design (main projects, preliminary designs, detailed projects in the country and abroad)

Geographic information systems 

  • Creating a database using ArcView software for the bases of cadastral parcels with graphical data
  • Application for integrated management of works in Belgrade


  • Action plans and Analyzes of environmental impacts

Construction Projects

  • Construction design (main and preliminary design of construction projects)

For the entire ten year period from establishment, we are dedicated to the improvement of traffic in the country and abroad using state of the art PTV Vision (VISUM and VISSIM) software.

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