About Us


Mission, vision and values

The main confirmation of the quality of our business is the people who developed their professional skills working on GISTEC Consulting company projects for ten years. The relationship with employees, and external associates and partners, is based on mutual trust and represents a pillar of stability in the company’s operations. GISTEC Consulting employees are ready, at any moment, to respond to new market demands, constantly striving to personal and corporate development and progress.

Our mission is to influence the development of transportation and traffic environment by implementing the most advanced software solutions in our projects.

It is the vision of our company to become the leading company for consulting and design in the region and recognized partner in projects worldwide by applying the highest standards in the business.


The main values ​​that we stand for are responsibility to the industry to which we belong, using innovation in design, planning and traffic modeling, as well as partnership relations with co-workers, both within the company and with external associates, and the social and business community.

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