Planning and modeling

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Planning and modeling

Traffic planning and modeling is one of the main areas of GISTEC Consulting business. Transportation represents a system of organized movement of the transportation units through the traffic network and is divided in road, rail, and air and water traffic. Our commitment to road traffic is also reflected in the use of the state of the art software PTV Vision (VISUM and VISSIM).

For all the ten years from establishment, we are dedicated to the improvement of traffic in the country and abroad, while using of this modern platform for the last few years demonstrate a further step in that direction.


PTV Vision software VISUM

PTV VISUM is the world's leading software for traffic analysis, forecasts and GIS-based data management. It consistently models all road users and their interactions. GISTEC Consulting experts are using PTV VISUM transportation network model and traffic requirements for the analysis of the expected traffic flow, planning of public transportation services, and the development of advanced traffic strategies and solutions.

This is a platform for demand modeling, which includes forecasting the travel users - when they are traveling, how often they travel, where they are going, which road they use, etc. It is used for traffic modeling on the macroscopic level. It is also used in the traffic planning in order to determine the demand by types, users, purposes and travel times.

PTV Vision software VISSIM

This platform is used for traffic modeling on a microscopic level. It is feasible to use it for modeling of all types of intersections, corridors, and other transportation facilities. PTV VISSIM displays all traffic participants and their interactions in a single model. One of the outputs of microsimulation, which is used for the presentation of the results, is the 3D animation. VISSIM model is extremely important because it provides answers on the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed measures before their implementation.

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